Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is primarily plant-based (using leaves, roots, stems, flowers and seeds), but some minerals and animal products are also used. These herbs are classified by its energy characteristics and taste property, where a combination of different herbs is used to balance the yin and yang energy patterns of the body. Usually, the medication is specifically customized for the person, after a series of diagnoses. These formulas are packaged as powders, pastes, lotions or tablets, depending on the herb prescribed and its intended use.

Whole Herb vs Herbal Extract Powder

Whole Herb

PROS: Since you’re boiling the entire herb, you get its full spectrum of plant chemicals (certain chemicals may be broken down during the herbal extraction process). Some people also believe that whole herb is stronger than herbal extract thus it is more effective.

CONS: It requires pre-wash and soaking and takes time to cook. Some people also don't like the smell when cooking.

Herbal Extract

A common misunderstanding is that the herbal extract powder is simply grinding whole herbs, which is incorrect. In reality, it is done with the process of distillation and by adding stabilizers such as starch to create the herbal extract powder. The amount of herbal substance in each gram of powder is accurately measured.

PROS: They are easy to take and portable. The powdered extract is the most potent herbal preparation compare to other forms such as liquid herbs.

CONS: The process of manufacturing could vary depending on different companies, certain chemicals may be broken down during the herbal extraction process. Because there is an addition of stabilizers, it could have a heavier and thicker taste.


Both whole herb and herbal extract have shown similar results; at Kindness Acupuncture Center we provide both options to our clients.

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